{Weekend Recipe: Fall Sticky Crisp}

This recipe was born from a sudden craving for something sweet & crunchy. I pretty much threw a bunch of things together (whatever I could find in my kitchen) that I felt had complimenting flavors and textures. 

It's almost too easy, and also completely customizable. You can add more fruit or change up the ingredients to suit your taste. The key is to start with a crunchy cereal or granola base, and add a "sticky" ingredient that will help join all the ingredients together, and in this case, also adds the element of sweetness. 

You can serve this up in a bowl and eat it right away or use the mixture to create little balls and refrigerate for later on. When cold, the mixture should stick together nicely and hold its shape. 

I also made some hot chocolate using a chocolate praline and warm milk to finish off the snack.

Happy Snacking!! 

Xx Laura