{Mini Su-cute-lents} i try diy

The latest obsession with succulents is something I can honestly say I'm not even ashamed to be part of. There's something about these little cacti that screams "we have fun personalities." Not to mention they are the easiest living plants to own. A tiny bit of water once a week and they're good to go. 

Today's I TRY DIY isn't exactly a DIY, but more of a how-to on de-potting and decorating your little green babies. 

What I used:

  • mini succulents
  • various mini jars & containers
  • potting soil
  • decorative sand
  • river pebbles
  • turquoise beads
  • small paint brush
  • a spoon

After a bit of online and Pinterest research, I found the best potting soil for cacti and succulents to be this one pictured above. Picked up the smallest bag I could find (this should last me forever) along with a nice assortment of the tiniest baby succulents at the Home Depot gardening department. 

I then headed to my favorite spot for jars, containers, cups, etc. (GOODWILL)

If you really take the time to shuffle through the shelves, you'll end up with at least one or two little treasures. Not going to lie, I often go to several Goodwills before I'm finally happy with my selection. But this is honestly my kind of therapy. I make a day out of it, and its strangely soothing to drive around town on a Sunday by myself, on my own time, collecting little gems for projects.... nerd alert! 

This is what I ended up with. I love the eclectic variety of shapes and materials. 

If you're 100% anti-thrift shops, check out stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Homegoods, and Dollar Tree for similar findings.

For this particular project, these were the chosen ones. 

ps- I attempted to paint the mini terracotta pots using fun neon colors but it ended up a complete mess, so had to scratch those for now. #diyfail  

First things first, pull the little guys out of the boring 'ole plastic cups they come in. Be careful as they are living plants. While they look nice and sturdy above the soil, their roots are actually very delicate and tear easily. 

Next I scooped the Miracle Gro potting mix into the jar. #SoMessy

Carefully place each plant into the soil and be sure to evenly cover the roots all around. I ended up using my fingers to get into the small nooks and crannies that the spoon was just not getting to. Adding several variations of succulents in different heights and sizes within the same jar is a fun way to mix it up and create different displays.  

On some of them, I also aded a layer of decorative sand.

Because I'm a little meticulous, I used a small dry paint brush to sweep off any grains of sand that were lodged into the crevices.

Here I used small river pebbles and turquoise beads to decorate instead. 

I like displaying them in groups of 3 with varying heights. 

They also look fun next to other glass jars and candles. 

This little one lives next to my hand painted sugar skull souvenir from my recent cruise to Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Sho CUTE!

Hope you enjoyed my take on the newest green thumb trend. Explore Pinterest for thousands of other fun succulent ideas! 

If you try this DIY, post a picture on Instagram and tag me using #WeekendDIY or #itryDIY 

Xx Laura