i try diy | New series

After years of collecting an absurd amount of must-try Pinterest DIY projects, I decided it's finally time to dive into a few of my recent favorites and give them a whirl. Hopefully I'll get into the routine of trying at least one fun diy project each week. While the normal phrase nowadays is "I just don't have time," we have to try our best to get past the whole I'll-get-to-it-someday attitude and start actually doing the things that make us happy. Look past the daily routine, rush hour traffic, and apathetic commitments. Try something new, take a longer shower, and most of all, avoid the phrase "I don't have time." I'm completely looking in the mirror as I say/write this, by the way. It's hard for me to find a happy balance between working full-time for someone else's company, and wanting SO badly to take all of my creative energy and work solely on my own projects. I have this fantasy in my head where I wake up every morning and go about my day doing only things that make me happy and give me the most personal fulfillment. In this fantasy world I say F what people think, and there's never any anxiety or doubt about letting someone down, ending up a failure, or missing out on certain things because I don't have a traditional career with a traditional salary. I will be happy, not stressed. Energized, not tired. Grateful, not complaining. One day I will get there, that I am sure of. But for now, I will fake it till I make it... Starting with this small series I've titled "I Try DIY" where I pretend I live that fantasy life and have all the creative time and energy to chronicle these fun little projects for my blog that I also pretend I have time to up-keep. 

Welcome to the I Try DIY series... Stay tuned for the next few posts & projects! 

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Xx Laura