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I'm loving this first project because it's so SO easy! {Skip to the next paragraph if you're not interesting in this little backstory} A while back, I spotted a mini canvas while perusing the yarn isle at Michaels Craft Store (not sure why I went down that isle but that's really beside the point). Seemed like someone had left it there on a random shelf after realizing their small child had sneakily dropped it in their shopping basket. I saw it nestled gently in a mountain of soft yarn and of course I took it as a sign, it was meant to be. I found another one to complete the pair and promised myself I'd get around to doing something with these cute little guys one day. Cut to a few months later and now is when I actually put my money where my mouth is. 

+ DIY Mini Canvas Wall Art +

I decided to take a mismatched approach to this but that's just my personal preference. There are endless ways to make this project your own! 

What I used: 

  •  (2) Mini Canvases 4"x 4"
  •  Sharpie Paint Pen 
  •  Scrapbook paper
  •  Mod Podge & sponge applicator
  •  Scissors 

On the first canvas, I used a Sharpie Paint marker and quickly scribbled on (j/k it took me a while) this inspiring quote that I found on Pinterest. I believe the original artwork comes from the Free People blog but don't quote me on that (heh heh). Take your time with the letters. I also find that varying the thickness of some words and playing with the spacing creates a more interesting vibe. 

On the second Canvas I wanted to create a visual that complimented the quote. For this I used a fun travel themed printed paper. You can find these in the scrapbooking section of most craft stores. 

I free-hand traced around the canvas leaving about 1/4" extra around the entire thing and cut it out. This will curve over the edge and give it a nice clean finish. 

Next, it's time to break out the Mod Podge. Remember that this stuff completely ruins your paint brushes so foam applicators are ideal. 

Start by applying a thin layer of Mod Podge directly onto the canvas. 

Place the paper over the canvas and really press it down to get rid of any funky air bubbles or creases. 

Apply another thin coat of Mod Podge over the paper. This dries clear so don't freak out! You can add as many coats as you want until you're happy with the final result as long as you wait for each coat to fully dry in between applications. I left mine at 2 thin coats.

Once it's dry, flip it over and you should have something like this.

Snip each corner so the paper folds over nicely.

And you're done!! 

These would make an adorable stocking stuffer or personalized gift for a friend, teacher, or really anybody that has fun with their home decor. 

If you try this DIY, post a picture on Instagram and tag me using #WeekendDIY or #itryDIY 

Xx Laura