{that awkward first post}

Welcome to The Weekend Gypsy.

Let's hold hands and sing indie songs about how crazy our daily commutes are, sigh in disgust about how stressed we are with this upcoming deadline, and groan about all the things we wish we could be doing instead of sitting at a desk working to make someone else's goals happen. {Not exactly my plan for this blog, but let's admit... we kind of want to actually do this}

Ahh, the daily 9-5 grind. Most of us do it: perhaps because it's what's considered "normal" and instilled into our brains from a young age. Or maybe out of necessity, because you didn't inherit a crap-ton of money from a rich uncle. Some may do it as a stepping stone for bigger and better things. Either way, here I am creating this blog for the #WeekendGypsy who fights a daily battle with herself about what she's doing and what she wishes she was doing with the measly little 24 hours we get in a day (yes, the same amount of hours Beyonce gets).

{a little back story} I've always been that person who "never stops"... constantly jumping from one project to another, coming up with creative ideas, DIY-ing my entire life, and (hopefully) inspiring everyone around me to get cracking on their own goals. It's inevitable for me to have mini mental breakdowns and panic attacks from time to time thanks to the fun combination of a) having a little too much on my plate and b) feeling slightly haunted by the thought that I'm wasting my time... because duh, life is just too short to put your dreams on the back burner. However, I've been on this earth for 25 whopping years and I'm fully aware that working a 9-5 job does not define me. It is clearly a phase in my life that I NEED to go through. It will shape me in ways I'm still not 100% sure of at the moment, but years from now I'll look back and say, "I definitely needed that experience" (someway, somehow). Eventually, I'll feel comfortable with saying sayonara to the big-boss-man and sedentary office environment. I'll venture out and dive into my own projects, follow my own schedule, travel for inspiration, and have creative freedom up the wazoo. This blog is my first step. 

Xx Laura