{quickie quinoa salad}

There's nothing exciting about giving up pasta. It's depressing and almost walks the line of masochism. So, to beat the system, I've come up with a quick and healthy quinoa pasta salad that tricks your brain into thinking it's feasting on a faux pas dish while still keeping a good rapport with your current "healthy-ish" diet.

This is a recipe I threw together using things I already had in my kitchen. Add and remove ingredients as you please or according to your taste, however the key ingredients to use as the baseline of the salad are quinoa pasta & veganaise.

Quinoa Pasta
Hard boiled eggs
Chicken breast
Shredded carrots
Salt & lemon pepper

Start off by cooking your pasta according to the instructions. Simultaneously, cook your chicken (seasoning according to taste, anything you prefer)

Next boil your eggs (I recommend using 2 eggs per serving so adjust according to how many servings you want to make)

After all ingredients are ready to go, cut eggs into bite sized pieces and shred the chicken.

Combine everything into a bowl and add your veganaise. The amount you use depends on how creamy you prefer your salad.

Salt to taste. I also added some lemon pepper for a bit of a kick.

Finish off with shredded carrots and enjoy!

Xx Laura