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Happy Tuesday friends!

I know the blog has been really tech-y/digital/design heavy lately, but that is just the most accurate reflection of my LIFE at the moment! (I promise more lifestyle, food, and fashion posts are coming right up!)

It's been on my TDL (to-do list) to finally separate my digital doodles from Her Sister's Closet and into their own virtual space. Primarily because they kind-of sort-of have nothing to do with the rest of the products I sell in that shop (aka fashion jewelry and accessories). And also because I knew I would have a ton of room for "growth" to expand on the types of digital products I want to start sharing with the world. 

So, incoming: the TWGDesigns Etsy shop. That's obvs short for The Weekend Gypsy, lol #creative.

I've always known that this blog would end up being a giant umbrella under which I can share all my shenanigans. And I'm happy to see my vision START to pan out a bit. Baby steps, baby steps. 

I'm also excited to share that miss Caro Pozo (from Blonde2Brunette) is joining TWGDesigns as a new member + content contributor to our shop! :: insert applause and confetti :: Her sharp sense of styling, balance, and pretty much all-things-visual has led to some kick-ass STYLED STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY. Styled stock photography is the latest & greatest trend for blogs and businesses who want to display header text or custom work in a FUN and eye-catching way. It's also all the rage on social media. #FlatLaysAreTheNewBlack

I also have a section on CLIP ART. This consists of digital hand drawn doodle collections that you can instantly download (.png files AND Photoshop brushes) and use for personal and small commercial use.

Check out this resource to learn more about installing and using Photoshop brushes. AND/OR check out this video for more info about the digital doodles: what to expect when you download them and a quick "how-to" use them as overlays in Photoshop. 

Another fun add-on to the shop is the ART PRINT section, which I am literally just having FUN with! Each one is also an instant download and can be printed out to add a fun pop to your work or living spaces. They all fit into the average 8x10 frame... you know, the one you bought at Homegoods but have yet to put anything in?! #ImpulseBuy

More digital goodies will start rolling into the shop soon! 

Have something in mind?! Leave a request below or send me a direct message

Xx Laura