{April in Miami} First Vlog!

I've been meaning to start playing around with iMovie ever since I scooped up my new computer back in October. 'Bout time I got back into the editing booth (or, ahem, my plastic foldout desk and ikea chair). 

In high school I spent 4 years filming and editing videos with the intentions of possibly pursing a career in somewhat of a video/film/broadcasting area of life. Of course, other things happened, as they often do in this roller coaster life. BUT, its crazy to see how life comes full circle sometimes. It's true what "they" say... you never really lose your love for something if its meant to be a part of your life. (Wait, does anyone actually ever say that?) Anyways, I'm going to try to put out a few videos a month in the efforts to eventually have some sort of solid video diary that I can show my kids one day. Seems legit, right?! #coolmomdotcom

I've been obsessed (and that's even an understatement) with YouTube for way too many years now. Always been a viewer and religiously followed way too many daily vloggers, to the point where I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I actually feel like I know them in the RL (real life)! 

It's a little strange to be the one clicking "upload" instead of "watch" but let's just see where this leads to! In the meantime, happy vlogging birthday to me! #sorrynotsorry 

Xx Laura