Latest "App"session

If you're anything like... well, most women I know, you probably have more than a handful of clothes (or stuff in general) in your closet that exist purely out of the "just-in-cases."

What are just-in-cases? Those times when you try to clean out your closet by donating stuff that you haven't worn in ages, only to find yourself creating a "just in case" pile of clothing that ends up right back in your wardrobe. 

Needless to say, I've accumulated several of these pieces in my closet over the past few months/years! After coming across The Fashion Citizens Depop Haul on Youtube, I downloaded the app right away and kind of, sort of became instantly obsessed with it. 

Unlike other websites and apps where you can directly sell stuff from your closet with a few clicks, Depop Market is 100% free with no hidden fees attached. It works and feels almost identical to instagram. You can upload up to 4 photos per listing, with the option of adding a filter just like insta. Then write a caption with corresponding hashtags, set your location, size, price, and shipping details, and just hit POST to your shop. You can even share directly to your social media platforms to spread the word about your latest item for sale! 

The app isn't limited to clothing either! You can sell anything from artwork to books to tech items! 

Some sellers offer swaps, and you can always private message a seller before purchasing anything to ask questions or request more info about an item you're thinking about buying. One of the best parts about this app is that you will most likely find that your favorite blogger actually has a shop (you know, that blogger with the awesome wardrobe you wish you had). People like songofstyle, chiaraferragni, and ditavonteese to be exact! YEP!

If you have some stuff you'd like to sell (or simply want to shop through other people's closets!), download the app and find me via username: theweekendgypsy

Xx Laura