{Mallorca} Travel Diary

W E L C O M E  to this super exciting post... It's going to be a LONG one!

Just returned from spending 10 days in beautiful Mallorca, the largest of the trio of Spanish islands in the Balearic sea. 


We flew out on Thursday, July 30th at around 5 pm, and our trip began with my over-packed suitcase not falling within the weight limit (oops! But also, duh!). Thankfully we had an empty carry-on for me to dump some of my belongings into for better weight distribution. Heavy sigh. But, still not the end of the world. The 8.5 hour flight to Madrid was pretty great, overall. I didn't get much sleep, however, I don't think I was able to completely finish watching an entire movie before passing out. In total, I must have attempted to watch 3 or 4 different movies, only to successfully see the first half and then wake up the credits rolling. 

Arriving at Madrid airport, I fell in love with the building's architecture and overall modernity of the space. It felt quite new, and also very "euro" chic. Our layover was just a couple of hours and then we were headed to Palma de Mallorca on a tiny-ish plane that felt like it might have been stuck in the 90's. Thankfully, the flight was a short 1.5 hours and I slept the entire way. I guess I could say, in the blink of an eye, we arrived in sunny Mallorca. Our first thought was that the airport was extremely large for the size of that island. We later learned that Mallorca has an enormous tourist movement... especially during the month of August, where flights are coming in and out of the airport every 30 seconds during high peaks. 

After renting our car, a Sedat Ibiza to be exact, we headed up to the city of Palma. Driving into Palma, I fell in love with the malecon area of Avinguda de Gabriel Roca. With the stunning Gothic Cathedral on the right, and the Balearic sea on the left, the drive up to our AirBnB was beautiful. Although traffic was civilized, we were really thrown off by the lack of signage in Palma. Driving up to an intersection with no indication of a street name or number, obviously led us to get a bit (or a lot) lost the first day. 

After arriving at our AirBnB and settling in a bit, we headed out for a walk and dinner. We stayed in a really great location, walking distance from shops, markets, restaurants, museums, and pretty much everything you want to go see & do in the city of Palma. Our evening walk turned into a long 3 hour trek through the ins and outs of Palma. I tried to absorb as much as I could. It was my first time in Europe, but I felt completely at home in Palma. Something about the buildings, narrow alleys, cobblestone streets, and attention to detail in every little nook and cranny. I felt at peace, almost as though I had been there before. 

Despite all of the seemingly-constant eating we did throughout the trip, we always had a decently lengthy (but not impossible by any means) walk back to the apartment or tour of the town throughout the day/night. I must say, the long walks were very foreign to us Miami-ans who practically never walk anywhere due to living in suburbia, extreme humidity, and the simple fact that we drive in cars everywhere we go in the 3-0-5. We definitely balanced out our calorie intake with all the walking around and sight-seeing. Score for my waistline and my camera lens (aka my iPhone). 


C H E C K  O U T  T H E  F U L L  P I C T U R E  D I A R Y  B E L O W


Travel: Miami to Madrid, Madrid to Mallorca | Evening walk around Palma | Dinner


Morning walk around Palma | Cala Pi | Visiting St. Jordi


Shopping | Palma Cathedral | Evening dip in a hidden cala 


Playa Porto Cristo


Sauma | Playa | Arta


Es Portitxol | Puerto de Soller | Deia | Valldemosa


Daniela & Mariano


Now that I'm all emotional... end post! 


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