{Mallorca} VLOG

Cheers to Monday and starting the week off with a vlog!

I used to do a lot of video work in high school (planning, shooting, editing)... so I guess it's no surprise that I still love making videos. 

It's easy for us to forget how fast things change. Just thinking about how different my children's world will be compared to mine (and my parents!) kind of blows my mind.  Nowadays, with a smartphone in your pocket that doubles as a (more than decent) camera, there's almost no excuse not to document things that make us happy, even if it's simply for keepsake, or in my case, a fun creative outlet. I would've loved to see vlogs of my parents going on a trip before the idea of me I was even in the plans. We take for granted how accessible documenting our lives has become. Note: documenting doesn't necessarily mean publicly. Facebook-haters back off! lol

I'm excited to have this vlog in my little digital shoebox of life, and hopefully many others will join it soon!

Xx Laura