{Resu-ME} A Creative Approach

It's no secret that us millennials are #GenerationInternet.  Although I wasn't born with an iPhone in my hand, I was exposed to the internet at a pretty young age (early childhood memories of dial-up, AOL chats, and sparkly cursors on Myspace are flooding back to me right now). With this said, I've always felt comfortable with computers and technology, to a certain extent. I have learned to maneuver my way through online platforms, editing software, and other general "computer savvy" things. I can coast through keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop with my eyes closed...  in the same "auto-pilot" type of way as when we drive somewhere and get to the destination without a clear recollection of how we got there. 

Generation internet has changed the way A LOT of things function. Thankfully, with the wave of blogs, social media, and online platforms where people are encouraged to have their own voice, we also have the freedom to be creative with things that might have otherwise been more than snooze-worthy. Insert: the resume. 

Of course, a classic, Microsoft Word, 1 page, cleanly aligned resume is still important (everyone in the work-force should have one by now). However, if you work in a more creative industry or run your own business(es) as a solo-preneur, how fun would it be to create a resume that is 100% unique to you?! I came across the concept of creative resumes a few months ago (yes, I'm late to the game) and it's been on my to-do list ever since. 

The best part about a creative resume, is that there's only 1 rule: there are no rules. 

You can make it as traditional or as eclectic as you want. You can choose to focus on exact dates and job positions, or instead on your skill sets and business ventures. Either way you chose to do it, it's unique to you and what you want to portray about yourself as a creative professional. 

In my case, I chose to keep it simple. I have more than enough traditional "work experience" to list, but including all of that would be a complete bore. I wanted to focus more on the industry specific skills that I have acquired and feel comfortable with. I also wanted to share my slight addiction to entrepreneurialism and provide a simple outline of the projects I've ventured into. 

This was also a very fun creative outlet for me. All of the text that looks hand-written, IS hand-written by me. The doodles are also made by me, and everything down to the colors and layout are a product of my creative process. 

I hope this inspires you to create something fun out of an otherwise rather mundane thing today! 

Xx Laura