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Happy M O N D A Y friends! Last week was a crazy one... worked on an exciting project coming up for the blog, became an American citizen, & launched a digital DESIGN SHOP over at The Gypsy Project (TGP)!


Naturally, I wanted to dedicated a post to our newest venture with TGP: a digital design shop where we have created 12 (yes, 12!) pre-made branding kits and patterns available for purchase & instant download! This has been a long process in the works, but we are really excited to share this new SHOP addition. By "we" I mean my biz partner and all-around kick-ass human being: Vanessa! (Check her out here: @vane_licious)

We saw the demand for a faster and more affordable alternative to the complete branding services we already offer. A lot of our clients are small business owners who are just starting off, or perhaps haven't even started at all! And we know often times when you're a solo-preneur, budgets are slim-to-none and time is of the essence. How many hats are you wearing today? Oh, that's right... 7!

So, we kicked our creative gears into motion, came up with some fictional brands/businesses and designed 12 different packages full of essential digital branding elements. These kits are made with so much attention to detail, to make sure a brand or business is fully cohesive across all platforms, from website, to blog, to social media and even print marketing!

The best part about these kits is that you receive them as a digital file immediately (don't we love that word, nowadays) after purchasing. All files are hi-res, and in the appropriate formats. 


Here's an example of what a branding kit looks like:


A more in-depth breakdown of what's included:

  • Logo (in layered .psd format) - The logo design is fully customizable. Change it to your own brand/business name and tagline. Or remove the tagline all together! (Some knowledge of Photoshop is required to customize the logo.)

  • Color palette + #hex codes - We give you #hex codes for each color in your brand's palette so you can keep them consistent throughout your platforms. (Ex: adjust your Twitter color scheme to correspond with one of your brand #hex codes.)

  • Font palette + links to free downloads - Included in your kit is a "Font Guide" where we provide you with the exact font names and a links to download. All of the fonts we chose are 100% free and available for commercial use. No need to worry about copyright infringement or anything of that sort! We've already done the research for you. 

  • Social media icons (in .png format) - Each kit also includes what we feel are the top 5 most requested social media icons on small biz website designs. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube. These icons are ideal to place in the header or footer of your website/blog and really help tie in the entire story of your brand. It's the little details that will make the biggest impact.

  • Additional design elements (in .png + .jpg formats) - This is the fun part! We played around with our fictional "brands" and came up with a set of additional design elements that we felt would really complement the rest of the branding imagery. Use these throughout your branding by placing them on photos as overlays, adding them to an e-mail newsletter, or even use them to get a custom stamp made! Have an open mind with the design elements and rest assured that no matter what, you will remain "on brand" with them! 

  • Web/Menu buttons (in .png format) - These are pretty self explanatory. Kick your website/blog menu bar up a notch with these custom buttons that already work with your brand story, from colors, to textures, to fonts!

  • Double sided business cards (in layered .psd format) - Just like the logo design, the business cards are also fully customizable, front and back. Add text, move images around, and have fun with it! (Some knowledge of Photoshop is required to customize the logo.)

  • Set of patterns (in .png + .jpg formats) - My favorite part about these kits just so happens to be the custom patterns. There are endless ways to incorporate these patterns in your branding story. Use them as a background or border around your Instagram posts, set them as your Facebook cover photo, throw your logo on top and create your own custom packaging for shipping, etc. 


Below is a mock-up of a brand identity layout using the "So Chloe" Branding Kit: 


Check out the brand new TGP DESIGN SHOP  + enter code: BRANDME at check to receive 15% off your order thru 10/10/15. Keep in mind, these branding kits are not one of a kind, and may be sold multiple times, hence the more affordable price tag! If you're looking for a custom branding package made just for your business, check out the full list of services we offer at The Gypsy Project here or email us at info@thegypsyproject.com

Have any questions about branding for your business? Leave a comment below! 


Xx Laura