{Makeup Station} Quick + Cheap Organization

Let me tell you something about makeup... it piles up! It's not easy to avoid when A) you're a girly girl and B) you've been slowly collecting things over the years.

What you see in the picture below is the entirety of my makeup collection; what's left after doing a massive clean-out of products the other night. To some girls out there, this might look really excessive... to others, this might be just a quarter of their makeup stash (I see you, Youtube beauty gurus!). Either way, I've boiled it all down to these products.


By no means do I think these are all necessary, but I do enjoy the occasional "get-glammed-up-for-no-reason-at-all" session at 3am, AND I also look forward to doing tons of makeup looks for Halloween each year as a fun creative outlet. So, needless to say, I was able to somewhat justify keeping each and every one of these products. The silver lining? If you look closely, most of my collection comes from drugstore brands. I do love the occasional fancy product here and there, but I don't believe the myth that all high-end products are better quality than drugstore. For the amount of time that makeup sits on your face and then gets washed right off and down the sink drain, most drugstore brands nowadays have majorly improved their formulas, textures AND ingredients and are still a fraction of the price. #Under$20Club

As the fall season approaches (cough cough, Halloween, cough cough), I wanted to clean out and clear up my cluttered makeup area, which to be honest is pretty much a random pile of products on whatever surface I have around me. Not very practical and definitely not inspirational. I've also been very anti-bathroom as far as makeup application is concerned. Maybe I'm over the artificial lighting, OR I've officially morphed into an actual hermit crab and avoid having to leave my room all together. #GluedToMyComputer


All this adds up to my spur of the moment makeup station MacGyver-ing. That's right, its on the ground because, yep, I love sitting on the floor! I won't even try to explain why, I just know it's a thing! Thankfully I have a large window that lets in some wonderful natural light. I grabbed an old $5 mirror from the garage and set my sights on a very "chill-zone" glam station. Maybe I'll even do a yoga pose or two while attempting a cat eye... or not! 



The first thing I did was lay out my entire collection and start categorizing. This is so exciting for that little OCD corner of my brain! I then set out to the Dollar Tree for some plastic bins. I obviously could've taken my time with this and really made it look as nice as and va-va-voom as your average blogger next door (Pier1 Imports style). But honestly, this makeshift on-the-floor makeup station is just a temporary little addition to my space, so I wanted to keep the cost as low as possible. 


•TIP • Sometimes Dollar Tree gets a little shady and tries to rob you of a blue basket thingy! Shame on you Dollar Tree! lol Always check every isle because you never know when you'll run into the EXACT same product you were about to buy, but with an extra BONUS!

4 for $1 is SO much better than 3 for $1. tehehe

I ended up with 6 storage bins and 12 blue baskets to use as dividers. Total: $9 and change


The majority of this won't be used on a regular basis, but with October rolling around soon, I'm sure this handy little makeup nook will come in handy! ;)


At the end of the day favorite thing about makeup isn't the actual makeup, it's how you feel when you wear it!

 What's your favorite thing about makeup? Let me know in the comments below! 

Xx Laura