{WALLPAPER Wednesday} Tech or Treat!!


It's a mid-week surprise here at TWG! (Because I honestly just couldn't wait until "Freebie Friday" to post this!) 

Today's set is ALL about Halloween. In fact, I've decided to do an entire month's worth of TECH or TREAT freebies in honor of my fave holiday. 

When everything around town is black and orange, why not throw some onto your phone while you're at it! I added a few watercolor elements to these wallpapers to keep them a little artsy fartsy, despite the rather cheesy font (#sorrynotsorry).

Share this post with your fellow Halloween-obsessed friends & be the coolest kid on the block, or at least the coolest chick in the Starbucks line. 

Download them here!
Wallpaper 1 - "Boo"
Wallpaper 2 - "Trick or Treat"
Wallpaper 3 - "Kill 'em With Candy"

••• E N J O Y ! •••

Xx Laura