Updated & Modern Gallery Walls + a Freebie!

It's official, we're house hunting. (insert: excitement, frustration, anxiety, and then more excitement again!)

We've begun the roller coaster ride that is searching for a home to live in. This will be our first home as a married couple... well our first home together, ever! So, naturally I've already jumped the gun and pretty much envisioned the entire space from floor to ceiling. (thanks, Pinterest!)

One of my go-to Pinterest searches happens to be "Gallery Wall" - honestly not even sure why! I think there's something so "I have my shit together" about a gallery wall. Or maybe I just love seeing how many different interpretations of a gallery wall exist. #NerdAlert

Here are some of my faves...

Around a corner:

Perfectly aligned:

Via Trendsales

Via Trendsales

Monochromatic line drawings:

Via  Hubpages

Arranged on shelves:

I love how each of these offers a fresh and modern approach to the standard gallery wall, which is typically just a mix match of random frames scattered at various heights and in different shapes and sizes. They all seem to reflect a different range of personal taste and home decor style. AND, if you're like me and plan on having various gallery walls throughout the house, mixing a few different layouts keeps it exciting. (hahaha exciting and wall art go hand in hand for me now?! #adulthood ) 

To further encourage this gallery wall fiesta, I created a wall art print that would be the perfect addition to an office space - "CREATE YOURSELF" (marble + glitter = hang it up!)