Trend to Try: Chokers! (+ a super simple DIY)

There's no denying that one of the latest fashion trends, the choker, is a 90's accessory that has made a comeback like no other. Well, 90's fashion in general has made its way back around to today's pre-teen scene, but today I'm honing in on one that you most likely haven't been able to avoid.


I'll admit, I wasn't a fan of the seemingly uncomfortable return of this piece of material strapped around your neck, and after a few attempts at wearing them, I instantly deemed them "not-for-me." With a quick shoulder shrug, I simply moved on. But as tricky and sticky as trends are, they creep up. They creep silently into every single store in every single mall and on the bodies of every single fashion blogger (yes, even the one with the best style that can never do wrong!) So, on one of my recent trips to Wally World (aka - Walmart), I bought 2 spools of 1" velvet ribbon and headed straight home to make myself a couple of velvet chokers. Because, if you can't beat them, join them! (<-- only sometimes though!)

Although I still think the first 10 minutes after putting one on is almost unbearably uncomfortable, I have finally gotten used to them, and almost "get" them now. You see, they were just misunderstood. I was judging them without giving them a shot. But truthfully, I like the spunky vibe they add to a rather whatever outfit. And although you'd think the opposite, they actually seem to elongate my neck - or at least trick the eye into believing it.

So, the entire point of this rather pointless post: don't ever take yourself too seriously to at least TRY something new. Often times, you have much more to gain than lose - even if it's just an optical illusion 1/2" neck lengthening.

And now for the DIY that might require a PHD to complete: 

  • Measure around your neck and cut ribbon to size.
  • Seal the raw edges of the ribbon by slightly running a lighter flame along the edge.
  • Take a pin, needle, or whatever poke-ey tool you can find and poke a hole on each end of the ribbon.
  • Using basic pliers or jewelry tools, loop a clasp onto one end, and a few jump rings on the other end - this makes it easier to put on and you have a few options on how tight or loose you want to wear it.
  • And.. that's literally IT! 

Does it get any easier? I recommend heading to Joann fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or Walmart and checking out their ribbon section before spending $20+ on one of these babies at a retail store. At Joanns and Hobby Lobby, you can even purchase the ribbon by the yard or have it cut to your exact measure, which means you don't need to buy the entire spool, and avoid having a ton of left over material sitting around. 

Wearing the blue one here via Instagram • @theweekendgypsy

Wearing the blue one here via Instagram • @theweekendgypsy

So... what are your thoughts on this trend? Yay, or nay?!

Xx Laura 

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