Meet Kimi, a fun & foxy digital paper doll!

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Kimi has existed in my head for months. I didn't know what her name would be or what color hair she'd have, but I knew she needed to come to life. 

I developed her over weeks, combining and adding different elements to her design as inspiration struck. At the very beginning, I was only certain about a handful of details: heart shaped pupils, freckles, fox-like features, and small feet. The rest came about organically. 

Her name, Kimi, is derived from the word "kitsune" which is Japanese for fox. Foxes are commonly found in Japanese folklore and are typically believed to have high intelligence, long lives, and magical powers that increase over time with age and wisdom. They are also said to have the ability to shape shift into human form. The more research I did, the more I fell in love with the backstory she seemed to be unveiling. 

Kimi symbolizes the magic of creating your own beautiful story. 


Her last name "Klose" is a play on the word "clothes." I'll be designing sets of clothing, accessories, and fun props to style her with - a modern & digital take on the more traditional paper doll. 


I'll continue adding new sets of elements to Kimi's Kloset over time. 

The fun is just getting started! 

Click here to download her very first set - Fall Fashion! 

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Xx Laura

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