February Lovin' - Cute & Budget-Friendly Organization System!

Love is in the air... right?! Whether you're super into Valentine's day vibes, or you're on team "eh, it's just a Hallmark holiday" there's still something in the air during February. 

Even if you're single, February can still be the month to love... to love YOURSELF. (omg cheesy much?)

One of the most basic (and productive) ways to show yourself some lovin' is to keep track of your life. Basically: stay organized. Now here's where most millennials would start recommending different apps that keep your contacts, calendar, and to-do lists neatly color coded, voice activated and nestled in the palm of your hand via that tiny computer we still call a "phone" for some strange reason. BUT, alas, here I am whole-heartedly recommending the exact opposite of digitally organizing your life: planner printable pages. 

So, what's a printable? Literally, any type of page design that's made to be printed, typically on standard 8.5 x 11 inch paper. The best part about printables (at least to me) is that you basically have an endless supply of planner pages to print (and re-print) over and over again until your heart desires! Or until you get bored of the design. This makes them relatively inexpensive and also customizable. Worried about printer ink? Simply print the sheets you know you'll need for that week or month. You are basically creating your own custom planner with nothing less or nothing more than what you'll actually be using.

My favorite way to use planner printables is to hole punch the pages and keep them in a fun binder (Homegoods has tons of non-binder looking binders if the Office Depot look is just not your style) with tabs and dividers. You can also fold a page up individually and tuck it into your purse/wallet if you're an on-the-go to-do list kind of person, or clip them onto your fridge with magnets as a constant reminder to stay on track. 

When it came to designing this printable set, I wanted to cover a large scope of organizational tabs in my brain/life. From hourly block scheduling, to recipe and meal plans for the week. And of course, I had to include some fun add-ons, like this vision board, because duh, manifestation is key! 

I love that you can clearly see the entire scope of your day, week, and month... all neatly laid out in front of you - with evenly spaced out boxes and a pretty little background print ;). I also find an unreasonably high level of satisfaction from physically taking a pen and crossing something off a list. Done, and done! I can see how pen-to-paper planning isn't for everyone, but I do believe that writing things down is the very first step towards getting sh*t done. 

This is our latest set, designed specifically for February with traditional lovey dovey vibes:


Or, if you're not into the pink and red, I've also created this super fun lemon design:

Visit the shop to download your printables. Available in bundles or individual pages! Happy planning!!

Xx Laura

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