2017 Favorites - Hair, Skin, Home + More

I succeeded at failing to keep up with this blog (yet again) throughout 2017. BUT, I (yet again) have another good excuse. MY. ETSY. SHOP. 

2017 was a crazy ride of a year for TWG Designs and I'm so thankful to have been kept busy - even if it meant I was absent from the blog for a bit. #NoRegrets lol

But, enough of that... let's just get into my top faves for 2017. 

As someone with naturally curly-ish frizzy hair, I don't know how I previously ever got through a blow dry session without this first product: the REVLON One-Step Volumizer Hair Dryer. It's one of those hair brush and dryer 2-in-1 combos that I always thought were gimmicky. But holy moly does this thing blow everything else out of the water. It has honestly cut down my drying time in (more than) half AND I no longer need to flat iron or use a curling wand afterwards for added sleekness/styling. It's just a basic blow dry, and I'm out the door. 10/10 would recommend! 

So... I'm deep into the last half of my 20's and trying to hold on to young looking skin for as long as humanly possible here. Thankfully I found this product by a company called The Beauty Foundry, and it has been incredible. It's their Anti-Aging Retinol Facial Oil - with avocado oil. It has tons of natural oils and everything in the ingredient list is both recognizable and pronounceable. I use a few drops (almost) every night before bed, and I swear I can actually see + feel my skin much brighter and smoother in the AM. If you have oily skin (like me), limit use to once a day. Although, I have also used this under makeup for a more dewy look - just have your blotting sheets at arms reach throughout the day. Youthful, fresh skin... yes please! I've already purchased back ups of this product - which is RARE for me to do. So, this one is a must on this list. 

2017 was the year I discovered just how much I love dainty gold jewelry. I managed to collect a few pieces that have been worn on repeat - namely a pair of thin hoop earrings and dainty pendant necklaces from this Etsy shop. And also a set of super thin stacking rings from this Etsy shop. They are all amazing quality for the price point... and have held up really nicely even after months of (almost) daily wear.

We're honing in on our first year as home owners and the past 10-12 months have sent me on a roller-coaster of online shopping, bargain hunting, pinterest binge-ing, and all other kinds of crazy antics as I tried to figure out how to furnish and decorate my house. I'll admit, my first stop is always Homegoods, then Marshalls. Some of our main furniture pieces are from Ikea, but the last thing I wanted was to walk into my house and have it look like an Ikea showroom from top to bottom. Don't get me wrong, we love a good Ikea run... but I feel like a more diversified collection of little details and added accessories are what really make a house feel home-y. So... instead of having a FAVORITE item or object for this category, I suppose it's more of a favorite "decor theme" - Modern Boho. (insert my husband laughing at me for using such terms). I have been slowly collecting unique items here and there to create a bohemian vibe, while keeping large furniture pieces and color palettes more simple and modern. It's more of a SHOW than TELL type of thing, but I'll be posting more about our home (and some major before & after pics) in another post down the road.

These. Lipsticks. Are. Everything. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams have me wrapped around their little pinky fingers. I just love the way they apply, stay on, and don't dry out my lips like other matte lip formulas I've tried. It's my fool proof go-to lipstick, always. Their range of colors are gorgeous - from nudes to brights... they literally have something for everyone. So, without a doubt, these lippies are a sure fire fave for 2017 and beyond! 

I never thought I'd be writing about pre-bagged salad on this blog but #OhWell. It's true, I'm this salad bags #1 fan and I'm not even ashamed. I discovered this late last summer and its been in every single one of my grocery shopping carts ever since. My favorite thing to do is take half the bag and combine it with other leafy greens (spinach, kale, arugula, etc.). Then I add cucumbers, more shredded carrots, and a fun topper like raspberries, walnuts, or even tortilla chips if I'm feeling extra that day. This giant salad is what my average lunch looks like when I'm working from home Mon-Fri. It helps me rest easy at night knowing that regardless of what happened that day, I at least got my share of vegetables in. CHECK! 

Hands down, my all time favorite favorites of this list just HAVE to be my Apple iPad Pro + Apple Pencil. I use these babies every single day to create for TWG Designs and they have been complete game changers. The iPad runs so smoothly and even with a matte screen protector on, it responds PERFECTLY to the Apple Pencil - at any angle and pressure. My favorite apps to use are Procreate and Adobe Sketch. If you work in a creative field or just love to illustrate, color, or design ANYTHING (from fashion to architecture), definitely give this combo a try! 


Let me know some of your faves in a comment below!

Xx Laura

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