Boho Wall Art - A Super Easy DIY

Nothing says "boho chic" like a textured wall art piece made out of some good old fashioned yarn. 

Today's DIY is so easy literally a 5 year old could do it! I had an awkward patch of bare white wall in my office that needed a little excitement, so I went "shopping" in my own craft closet/bins and decided to recreate one of those ever so popular (re-pinned thousands of times) wall hangings.

- Yarn. The amount will vary depending on how thick/thin your yarn is, and also how long you choose to make the piece. I used approximately 1.5 large spools.
- 1 wooden embroidery hoop. Whatever size you prefer.
- Embroidery thread. Or you could omit this if you like the look of the exposed wooden embroidery hoop.
- A small piece of scrap suede cording, ribbon, thread, twine, etc. 

- Start by separating your embroidery hoop... you only need to use one piece. 
- Take your embroidery thread and start wrapping it around the hoop tightly to completely cover the surface. This part takes a while so listen to some music or watch a show to help time pass. Once your hoop is completely covered, knot the thread off.
- Measure out how long you want your hanging yarn pieces to be and double that length. Cut one strand of yarn (at that doubled length), and then use that as a guide to cut the rest of the pieces. 
- Once your yarn pieces are cut, start looping them onto the hoop using the basic "fold in half and pull through" method. Make sure you loop them all in the same direction so the yarn has a more unified look. 
- Continue adding as many yarn pieces as you like. You can also add some to the top part of the embroidery hoop as I've done, or play around with different layers of colors. 
- Lastly, hang your piece with some suede, ribbon, string, or really anything you like the look of, and then give your hanging yarn pieces a trim wherever needed. 

Tip: if you like a more boho vibe, leave the yarn pieces at slightly different/random lengths. If you like a more modern/tailored look, you can make precise cuts so they have sharper angles like these examples below:

The best part about this project is that you can combine so many different colors and even add multiple layers of yarn to create an ombre look. I also love the way this looks on a wooden dowel, or a metal hoop ring. There really is no right or wrong here.

I find that these types of wall hangings are perfect for an awkwardly sized patch of wall (maybe too large to keep bare, but too narrow for framed artwork), combined with frames and other pieces on a large gallery wall, or even hung on a door or off the corner of a floor mirror.

If you create one, please share with me via instagram! @theweekendgypsy


Have fun! 

Xx Laura

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