Creative Collage Elements - a new graphic toolkit for trendy edits!

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Today’s post begins with 7 simple words: I. AM. LOVING. THIS. NEW. DESIGN. TREND.

If you’ve been on IG lately, you’ve likely seen a few photo edits that feature fun collage elements - an ode to old-school scrapbooking and cut & paste crafting. I love the juxtaposition of mixing digital images with hand drawn doodles, glitter, and paint brush strokes to create a wild and crazy (yet somehow really cohesive) piece of visual art.

At under 5K hashtags, the #collageedit is still a pretty new & emerging trend on instagram, and although it’s definitely not everyones cup of tea, I can totally see this blowing up to be a super huge VIBE on the gram (& beyond) over the next couple of months.

Graphic designers rejoice! There is a new fun and fresh creative outlet to dive into!

This week, I felt really inspired to create a design tool kit for all my lovely boss babes out there. I figured these graphics could be used for more than just cute IG collage edits, but also: product design, branding, mood and vision boards, stickers, bullet journaling, marketing, stationery, and so much more.

The CREATIVE COLLAGE Elements Kit features 80 individual graphics in PNG format with transparent backgrounds in a cohesive color palette.

You can use any photo editing software, website, or app, that allows you to import PNG files, and mix & match the elements to create your own little visual masterpieces over any photo or background. Rotate, resize, overlap, repeat.

Click here to download the complete design kit!

I was having so much fun with this kit and color palette that I just HAD to create an add-on: the PINK edit - a mini collection of 12 clip art elements and 6 digital papers. Most of my customers use these graphics to create planner stickers and stationery.

The PINK edit is made to coordinate perfectly with the collage elements kit. The digital papers are perfect backgrounds for edits and the clip art adds a little pop of hand drawn artwork to your final design.

Click here to download the PINK edit collection!

So, how do you feel about this new design trend?! Leave me your thoughts below.

Thanks for stopping by!

Xx Laura

PS - If you use any of these graphics to make your own designs/edits, please tag me on IG so I can like, comment, and repost on my stories! ;)