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{Eating Pretty} a quick skin story

For some reason, it took me THIS long to realize that my most recent skin struggle probably has more to do with the food I'm eating than with the topical products I'm using (or not using for that matter).

Most people live their entire lives with these food sensitivities (bloating, indigestion, acne) and have no idea whats causing it or why its happening in general.

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{7 days of Halloween 1.0}

Last year, I came across the issue I seem to always run into come October. Deciding on what to be for Halloween (fave holiday, btw) is the hardest thing my ever-changing mind has to settle on. As a solution to this #firstworldproblem, I went ahead and completed 7 entirely different DIY looks for the week leading up to Halloween night.

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{that awkward first post}

Welcome to The Weekend Gypsy.

Let's hold hands and sing indie songs about how crazy our daily commutes are, sigh in disgust about how stressed we are with this upcoming deadline, and groan about all the things we wish we could be doing instead of sitting at a desk working to make someone else's goals happen. {Not exactly my plan for this blog, but let's admit... we kind of want to actually do this}

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