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There's no denying I have a slight obsession with jewelry. It's by far one of my largest collections and I really do have a little bit of every style, material, and trend. The best part about accessorizing with jewelry is that it's 100% customizable, interchangeable, and also ever-evolving. One day you're into dainty chains and charms, and the next day you're decked out in a large statement necklace and a studded leather cuff. It's all good. The same way I like to "dress my mood" I also play with my jewelry to add dimension to outfits.

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{fall fashion for hot weather}

As a Miami-an, it's tough to accept that I won't be donning that perfectly fitting faux leather bomber jacket, the one that instantly makes me look way cooler than I really am, until maybe late November. (If I'm lucky!)

Here are some of my personal tips on how to wear fall fashion, even when its borderline hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

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{turkish silver}

It's no secret that Turkish silver (or Turkish silver inspired) jewelry has been on the front line of the accessory drawers of boho-chic bloggers and fashionistas across the board. There's something so effortless about throwing on a chunky silver neck plate and jingly coins with a casual tee and some ripped denim.

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